Au coeur des monts de Gy

10 good reasons to come and discover the "Monts de Gy"

  • A natural site suitable for activities such as walking, hiking or biking
  • An authentic and protected heritage site
  • The legacy of a rich historical background
  • A range of different landscapes : plains, valleys, woods, dry grasslands, streams, rivers and ponds
  • Rural territories including 27 villages that have protected all their character
  • A dynamic area where it is nice to live, to spend vacations, to entertain oneself and to relax
  • Craftsmen and producers who have a real "savoir faire" specific to the area
  • Good quality facilities such as many lodgings, restaurants and utilities
  • Proximity to the great sights of Franche-Comté
  • A tourist office that will give you the best during your stay


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