Au coeur des monts de Gy

Outdoor activities

  • Paint-ball in Frétigney 

The paint-ball ground "Alilaxia" of 300m² is located on a wooded ground near the festival halls Fourouze. (near ponds)

100% laughs and fun with parents, family or colleagues.

On the spot, lend of barbecue to have a friendly picnic with tables and benches.

Open throughout the year with booking from 8am to the evening.

Rates : 

  • Children from 9 year old : 12EUR per hour - 20EUR for 2 hours.
  • Children from 12 year old : 15EUR/pers for 200 beads - 30EUR/pers for 500 beads.
  • Adults from 16 year old : 25EUR/pers for 200 beads - 35EUR/pers for 500 beads, 45EUR/pers for 700 beads and 60EUR/pers for 1000 beads.

Booking and more information : 06 16 81 78 77 

or by mail :   

All information :   

  • Pleasure fishing lake or river

-In Bucey les Gy's lake, you can fish for free and enjoy the nearby playground and picnic tables.

-In Choye, a fishing license is required. To can buy it at the bakery or pizzeria  "Delos". Shady pond with picnic tables. Prices : 5 € per day, 10 € on weekend.

-In Fretigney, discover nice lakes where you can fish one day or one year with a card. Picnic tables and playground nearby.

-In Angirey, a peaceful pond, you can spend a very pleasant day. Fishing day or year card. Picnic tables and shelter.

  • For children playgrounds exist in different villages of the area :

-In Gy, slide, carousel ... are available at the square near the dodecagonal wash-house.

-In Bucey les Gy near the water a giant tourniquet and games await children.

-In Vantoux, it is the "ouistitis" journey for the younger.

-In Charcenne, Choye, Vellefrey many sports are possible with a skateboard track, tennis, handball, football and ping-pong. 


  • Karting in Autoreille

For those who like strong sensations and have a good time with family or friends, discover a path of 1200 m and 17 turns making it one of the most technical circuits in Europe. Even beginners can practice safely.


On-site, panoramic terrace, bar and restaurant.

More information   or 03 84 32 96 03


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