Au coeur des monts de Gy

Gy castle

This castle was built on a rock that overlooks the plain of the Saône River. The building of this magnificent castle began in the 13th century. It is a symbol for the town of Gy.

For more than 700 years it was owned by the archbishops of Besancon. First it was a refuge, then little by little, it became a house for dewelling. The construction of a splendid eight-sided tower, in a Flemish style took place in the 16th century. Then in the 18th the Cardinal de Choiseul-Beaupré turned it into a prince luxury dwelling.

Nowadays this castle is a private property open to the public. One can visit private parts which show 18th century furniture and also a museum devoted to wine situated in its large celling.


Opening days :

From March, 30th until mid-September : open every week-end     

From July, 1st until september 15th : open every day, except Tuesday from 2 to 6 pm

Guided tours all year long : you need to book at the Tourist office, phone number 03 84 32 93 93

Fees for individuals :      

   Adults 5 € ; Youth over 16 and students 2.50 € ; Children under 16 : free

Fees for groups : 

4.50 €/person 

Castle phone number 03 84 32 14 10  


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