Au coeur des monts de Gy

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Franche-Comté has 35 towns or villages which have a historical urban activities traces and an architectural and landscape heritage of quality. In Monts de Gy, 2 villages are classified City of character.

- Bucey lès Gy, an old vineyard village

Huddled deep in the valley of the River Morthe, the village has kept souvenirs of a wealthy and glorious past.You will discover vineyard houses, vaulted cellars, old "trajes" (this is a very narrow path between two houses) which lead to vineyards. These terraced vineyards were grown on the hillsides. You will also find unexpected architectural heritage such as the church, the "mairie-lavoir" (this is a town hall built on top of an old washout), wayside crosses, 18th and 19th century houses.

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- Gy, a picturesque village

Gy was the favourite dwelling of the Besançon archbishops for seven centuries. It is a Franche-Comté village that has kept the sheen of a time when vineyards were at their heights in the mid-16th century.Braving time, the Castle, built as soon as the 13th century, looks down upon the valley of the River Saône.

Uptown, freestone houses show a delightful architectural design, roofs are covered with little tiles. Many building are a heritage of a rich past. When walking down the hill, downtown monuments such as the Town hall (That is "La Mairie") or the Fountain can be seen...

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  • A free discovery game for children has been designed. It is called "Le Chevalier Gyslain" (Knight Gyslain). You can get it at the tourist office




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