Au coeur des monts de Gy

Fountains and wash-houses

These 19th century buildings can be found in any village in the Monts de Gy. All are different as far as architecture is concerned. Their location in the villages are unique. So this is a surprising heritage which deserves more than a simple glimpse.

How to discover them...

-Follow a route with your car or bike. A free brochure will give you routes to discover them. You can freely get it at the tourist office.

-There is a 5 mile route (8 km) that you may walk on, ride on or drive on. You will see fountains and wash-houses in Bucey-lès-Gy, Saint Maurice, Vellefrey-et-Vellefrange, Vantoux-et-Longevelle. The brochure is at the tourist office, it is free.

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