Au coeur des monts de Gy

Other natural curiosities

Monts de Gy : come and discover them...

  • The Baume Noire cave (La grotte de la Baume noire)

This cave is located a few miles from Fretigney-et-Velloreille, on the road to Oiselay. It shows two large halls. Only the first can be visited. It is huge. One can see the ceiling with many small stalactites.

The second hall, the entrance of which is forbidden, is a refuge for many species of cave bats. It is classified as Natural Reserve to protect these animals. 

The site is also charged with history : over past century it was a shelter for many populations

How to get to it : follow the "sentier de randonnée" (that is "the walking trail") with a yellow circle mark

Information on  under the tab "patrimoine".

  • Vauvenise valley (Le vallon de Vauvenise)

At the end of the village of Montboillon, a quiet road runs along a small brook named "Vauvenise". A peaceful walk will lead you to the edge of a wood and you will discover an isolated farm was once a tile-factory. A little farther two small houses are really original and are worth a walk.

  • The cave of Captiot (Le gouffre de Captiot)




Located in Les bois de Gy (that is in Gy forest), this cave, so called funnell-shaped cave, includes more than 2 km of galleries. Only speleologists may enter this dangerous cave.



  • The old lime-tree (Le vieux tilleul)

In the village of Fresne-saint-Mamès, you can see a very old lime-tree. This impressive tree stands in front of the recently restored church. Its circumference measures more than 8 m and it might have been planted in 1340.


Nearby, you may see 17th century houses, such as the manor house named "la Crétenette" or the presbytary. They are worth a slight detour.


Farther, outside the village, you can see dry grasslands at a place called "Le Mont". You can admire, during the season, beautiful wild orchids and enjoy a beautiful view of the Monts of Gy and the valley of the Saone.


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